The 25 Greatest 'South Park' Moments – Updated

From singing poops to Scientologists – looking back on the hit Comedy Central show's most memorable (and memorably offensive) jokes

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Stan Gets Sucked into Facebook (Season 14, Episode 4)
Comedy Central7/25

7. Stan Gets Sucked into Facebook (Season 14, Episode 4)

After trying to delete his popular account, Stan gets literally sucked into the world of Facebook, which is imagined like a really lame version of the Eighties hit Tron. There are no lightcycle races here, however: It's just deadly games of Yahtzee and people taking care of their "Farm Town" properties. As Stan traverses this world, a poor kid named Kip laments that he has 0 friends. The idea that social networks mean nothing and everything at the same time, especially to kids, has never been better captured. BT

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