The 25 Greatest 'South Park' Moments – Updated

From singing poops to Scientologists – looking back on the hit Comedy Central show's most memorable (and memorably offensive) jokes

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Kanye West Becomes a Gay Fish (Season 13, Episode 5)
Comedy Central3/25

3. Kanye West Becomes a Gay Fish (Season 13, Episode 5)

By 2009, Kanye West had established himself as one of the new century's most brilliant artists. (Just ask him.) For Season 13's "Fishsticks," Parker and Stone took aim at his ego and his equally infinitesimal sense of humor, crafting a scathing episode in which a joke about people's love of fish sticks enrages West because he doesn't get it. The highlight comes when a bout of self-reflection that results in him embracing his inner gay fish. At the time, the rapper took the mockery with rare humility, acknowledging on his blog, “South Park murdered me last night, and it's pretty funny. … I actually have been working on my ego." Still, it wasn’t long until Kanye was mad again: On his 2010 track "Gorgeous," he railed, "Choke a South Park writer with a fish stick." Yes … but do you love putting fish sticks in your mouth? TG

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