Summer TV Preview 2018: Spies, Sinners, 'Sharp Objects' and Sex Magick

From dark crime procedurals to black-magic dramas, teen superheroes to Stephen King horror – your complete summer viewing guide

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'Strange Angel' (June 14)

CBS All Access
Are you looking for rocket science or Aleister Crowley-inspired sex-magick rituals? Come on – you're looking for both, sicko! Welcome to this space oddity from CBS' subscription streaming service All Access, looking to repeat the success of Star Trek: Discovery with the tale of real-life American weirdo Jack Parsons. He was a major figure in the history of rocket engineering during the 1930s and 1940s, founding NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratories; he was also was a member of Crowley's occult society Ordo Templi Orientis in L.A., having a torrid affair with his sister-in-law until she left him to marry his pal L. Ron Hubbard. He spent his nights in sex rituals trying to magically summon the Mother of Abominations. Parsons' short and crazy life is a hell of a story, and this show has a hell of a cast to match – Sing Street's Jack Reynor as the rocket man, alongside Rupert Friend and Bella Heathcote. Created by Black Swan's Mark Heyman (and executive produced by Ridley Scott), Strange Angel seems like it could be an episode of Drunk History, except it's really drunk history. RS

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