Summer TV Preview 2018: Spies, Sinners, 'Sharp Objects' and Sex Magick

From dark crime procedurals to black-magic dramas, teen superheroes to Stephen King horror – your complete summer viewing guide

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'Luke Cage' Season 2 (June 22)

The Rage in the Cage is back! Cheo H. Coker's Marvel/Netflix series on the Harlem avenger returns for its sophomore season, with Mike Colter's strong, silent, brooding hero once again kicking much uptown gangster ass. Old favorites like Rosario Dawson's saintly Claire Temple, Alfre Woodard's villainous Mariah Dillard and Simone Messick's mecha-armed Misty Knight are present and accounted for; Luke's father (played by the late, great Reg E. Cathey) and a tough new bulletproof villain named Bushmaster (Mustafa Shakir) are also along for the Round 2 ride. "Sometimes brutality gets shit done," Cage says in the trailer, right after a montage of people getting royally thumped. Uh-oh. DF

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