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Summer TV Preview 2018: Spies, Sinners, 'Sharp Objects' and Sex Magick

From dark crime procedurals to black-magic dramas, teen superheroes to Stephen King horror – your complete summer viewing guide

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'Glow' Season 2 (June 29)

If you'd told us last spring that one of our favorite new shows would have been a dramedy about the Eighties kitsch-totem known as TV's Glorious Ladies of Wrestling, costarring a Community cast member and a veteran stand-up/podcast host, we might have thought you'd been hit in the head with a can of Fresca. But damned if the first season of Netflix's left-field hit didn't bodyslam us with its colorful, compassionate world of women on the showbiz periphery – and now, for the love of spandex, we finally get more episodes. Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin and the rest of the gang are back for more grappling; Marc Maron returns for a fresh round of pep talks and scowling; and once again, the Los Angeles air is thick with sweat and AquaNet. Go Zoya the Destroya! DF 

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