Summer TV Preview 2017: 'Game of Thrones,' 'Defenders' and '80s Lady Wrestlers

From the Iron Throne to the Black Lodge – Rob Sheffield lays out your complete must-see viewing guide for the season

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'Wynonna Earp': Season 2

June 9th

The supernatural Western sleeper returns for another shooting match. Melanie Scrofano is Wyatt Earp's great-great-grandaughter, who inherits the family's Colt .45 and occult fighting skills, returning to her hometown of Purgatory to avenge her daddy and settle family scores against a posse of zombie desperados called the Revenants. The show goes all in with its Cowgirl Buffy pulp conceit, mixing up quips and combat as Earp teams up with her lesbian little sister and a time-traveling Doc Holliday to tangle with witches, demons, cannibals and worst of all, evil people who claim Uma Thurman was the best thing to ever happen to the Batman franchise.

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