Summer TV Preview 2017: 'Game of Thrones,' 'Defenders' and '80s Lady Wrestlers

From the Iron Throne to the Black Lodge – Rob Sheffield lays out your complete must-see viewing guide for the season

'Twin Peaks: The Return'

May 21st

It makes sense that Twin Peaks had to wait until the 2000s to find its audience – it suits the stream-and-binge era much better than it suited old-school broadcast TV. For the reboot, he could have just dropped a That’s So Raven rerun dubbed into Aramaic and people would have wept for joy at the genius of it all. But the reboot/revival/belated third season (pick your term) has the all-purpose "dreaminess" of the original, with self-amused torpor punctuated by sadistic violence. Lynch directed all 18 hours of it himself, with co-writer Mark Frost returned from the original series, and there’s something touching about the way he rounds up the old gang, counting on the audience’s affection for these familiar faces: Kyle McLachlan, Sherilyn Fenn, Madchen Amick and the Log Lady herself, Catherine Coulson (the actress died in 2015 shortly after filming her scenes). Twin Peaks has become the show from another place – the darkness of future past, a geist that had to travel to find its zeit.