Summer TV Preview 2017: 'Game of Thrones,' 'Defenders' and '80s Lady Wrestlers

From the Iron Throne to the Black Lodge – Rob Sheffield lays out your complete must-see viewing guide for the season

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'The Defenders'

August 18th

The long-awaited Marvel Netflix all-star team finally gets it together to battle the forces of evil. On deck: The whiskey-swilling hard-boiled detective Jessica Jones; her Hell's Kitchen neighbor (and her attorney) Matt Murdock, known on the streets as Daredevil; Harlem's bulletproof black messiah Luke Cage; and some douchey martial-arts kid who wants people to call him Iron Fist, but looks like his true superpower is his mystic hacky-sack skills. Well, three out of four ain't bad.

The Defenders thrives on the tension between these four wildly divergent heroes – Krysten Ritter's Jones and Mike Colter's Cage have a stoic sense of grief in their bones, while Charlie Cox plays it a bit mellow as Daredevil. They're not exactly equal partners, in terms of their skill sets or star power; letting Finn Jones' lame Danny Rand on this squad is like putting Sammy Hagar in the Traveling Wilburys. (It's reminiscent of the classic sketch on The State where the Super Friends tell Aquaman, "Go talk to some fish.") But these loners join forces with some help from the underpraised Rosario Dawson as Clare Temple, along with other figures from the Marvel Netflix orbit – Elodie Yung makes a welcome return as Elektra, while Sigourney Weaver makes an elegantly sinister super-villain.

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