Summer TV Preview 2017: 'Game of Thrones,' 'Defenders' and '80s Lady Wrestlers

From the Iron Throne to the Black Lodge – Rob Sheffield lays out your complete must-see viewing guide for the season

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July 5th

John Singleton created this tough, gritty drama about the Eighties crack epidemic, set in South Central L.A. Damon Idris is the kid who gets swept up into the drug trade, named Franklin Saint. (Singleton has never worried much about being too subtle with names; this is the guy who cast Janet Jackson as a girl named Justice who writes poetry in Poetic Justice.) Franklin went to a fancy school in the Valley, but now he's back in the hood, working at a convenience store, making his plans to escape while grooving to "Jam on It" on his blaster. He deals weed to his rich prep-school friends – then he meets high rollers who have new plans for him. There's a CIA agent with a connection to the Nicaraguan contras, funding their terrorist war against the Sandinista government; there's a Mexican wrestler who makes money on the side collecting debts for the mob. Their stories intertwine with a new kind of drug: One that's cheap, quick and deadly – and is about to transform the crime world.

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