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'Orphan Black': The Final Season

BBC America
June 10th

Tatiana Maslany wraps up her historic run playing multiple roles as a whole posse of clones on the run. The story began with punk grifter Sarah Manning sharing a brief moment of eye contact with a stranger who then falls to her death on a train platform; since then she's discovered her identity as a genetic-engineering experiment, found her "sestras" (fellow clone sisters), and given birth to a daughter of her own. But she's still just a jump ahead of the corporate bad guys from Neolution, who claim the clones as their intellectual property. As one of them says menacingly, early on in the new season, "You don't know how far we’re willing to go to bring all these clones in." And P.T. Westmoreland, the madman who founded Neolution 170 years ago, turns out to be still alive – and still dangerous. Orphan Black has always raced far ahead of narrative coherence, never slowing down long enough to make much sense, but that's part of the rush – especially with Jordan Gavaris' Felix as the clones' indispensably bitchy and delightful comrade.

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