Summer TV Preview 2017: 'Game of Thrones,' 'Defenders' and '80s Lady Wrestlers

From the Iron Throne to the Black Lodge – Rob Sheffield lays out your complete must-see viewing guide for the season

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'Insecure': Season 2
Anne Marie Fox/HBO13/15

'Insecure': Season 2

July 23rd

The return of the mack: Issa Rae faces up to her so-called life in the new season of Insecure, one of last year's brightest sitcom newcomers. The creator of Awkward Black Girl gets even more awkward as she grapples to figure herself out. What is she doing at the inner-city educational nonprofit I Got This? Is she wasting her talent by not chasing her dream of rapping? Does she belong with the guy who makes her feel like "the black couple fighting at CVS"? Or does she belong with the less reliable but hotter guy she tells him not to worry about? Why is her coolest friend Molly single? For that matter, why is Issa? That’s a lot of drama to resolve in one season, but watching her try will be a pleasure, especially with her bathroom-mirror raps for commentary.

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