Summer Cable-TV Preview: Hackers, Hip-Hop and Lesbian Vampires

Demonic possessions, rock & roll lifers, the return of 'Mr. Robot' and 'OITNB' — we've got your small-screen covered

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Showtime, June 26th
Cameron Crowe created this tale of noble roadies, based on the rock and roll tour travails he's been chronicling ever since he spent the Seventies profiling the Eagles and the Allman Brothers for Rolling Stone. Roadies focuses on the backstage crew and the camaraderie they develop as the highway stretches on forever. Luke Wilson plays the tour manager of an arena-rock group with the very 1974 name of the Staton-House Band, with Carla Gugino as their perky production manager and Luiz Guzman as a philosophizing bus driver. This has always been home turf for Crowe, from Singles to Almost Famous. And anything that gives Carla Gugino a chance to rock out is a good thing.

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