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'Feed the Beast'

AMC, June 5th
The Schwimmer-assaince just keeps rolling. Fresh from his career-peak star turn as the Kardashian patriarch on The People v O.J. Simpson, David Schwimmer returns with a gritty, mobbed-up restaurant story. He's a blue-collar widower down on his luck in the Bronx — he calls himself "a sommelier, but I'm between restaraunts," which is a fancy way of saying he's got a vicious drinking problem and hopes to get paid for it.

His life fell apart last year when his wife got killed and his young son stopped speaking, right around the time his friend and blood brother Dion (Jim Sturgess) got coked up and burned his restaurant down. But now that Dion's out of jail — and back up to his ass in bad habits — it's time for them both to roll the dice. Like Dion tells him, "You got a twenty-thousand dollar stove and your fridge is empty." Their crazy scheme: fight their way back into the cut-throat restaurant world, starting up a new joint in their own tough neighborhood. ("The Bronx is the new Brooklyn," Dion says hopefully.)

Feed The Beast is part food porn, part crime drama, with a surprisingly thick sense of grief. Secret weapon: Michael Gladis, the pipe-smoking hipster jazzbo on Mad Men, as the elegant mobster with a hand in their pockets and a knife to their throats.

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