Sci-Fi & Fantasy at Emmy Awards: Who's Won, Who's Been Fracked

From 'Buffy' to 'Battlestar,' how science fiction, fantasy and other genre-fan favorites have fared

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'The Walking Dead'

Straight-up horror has usually fared even worse than fantasy and sci-fi (though American Horror Story has done nicely with acting nominations over the last few years), and if you're hunting for proof that the Emmys are out of step with TV viewers, look no further than Frank Darabont's zombie megahit. Based on Robert Kirkman's comic-book series, AMC's show is the highest rated cable series of all time, consistently breaking records and earning raves from fans and critics alike for its movie-level production values. In spite of all of this, The Walking Dead has earned exactly — wait for it — zero Primetime nominations in its five seasons so far. Let's be real now, Emmys: Clearly this is more than just a pretty (rotting, groaning) face.

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