My Favorite 'Saturday Night Live' Sketch

Will Ferrell, Al Franken, Kate McKinnon and more on the most memorable 'SNL' skits ever

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"Toonces the Cat"

Kenan Thompson, cast member, 2003-present: I was always a huge fan of "Toonces the Cat." We all know it's about a driving cat, but I love the fact that it has such a casual conversation with the other people in the car, usually Phil Hartman or Victoria Jackson in a shitty late-Eighties Oldsmobile. They're always coming from dinner or something and the cat's driving. Then the cat gets upset and drives off a cliff.

It's the shittiest cat puppet ever. It looks so weird. It would always make the same face when it was about to drive off the cliff. I'm a huge fan of repetition, and it was always the same footage of the same car going over the cliff. That shit killed me. They never explained why the cat was driving. It's just good escapism. That's what TV is for, in my opinion.

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