My Favorite 'Saturday Night Live' Sketch

Will Ferrell, Al Franken, Kate McKinnon and more on the most memorable 'SNL' skits ever

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"The Continental"

Christopher Walken, host, 1990-2008: "The Continental" was based on a real show that was on in the Fifties, when everything was live. It was on late at night, and it only ran about 15 minutes. It was basically the same thing as I did on Saturday Night Live. I think it was hosted by an Italian actor, Renzo something [Renzo Cesana], and he was a handsome guy with an accent. He had on a smoking jacket with an ascot. You'd never see the lady; you'd just see her arm. She had a long glove on, and they would sit down and you never heard her speak. She would come in and they would smoke a cigarette and he would give her champagne and he would talk about himself, basically. It was all very wholesome and romantic.

Anyway, when I did Saturday Night Live, I mentioned that show. And they went to the TV archives. There's this library of old kinescope; there was no videotape in those days. And they found some episodes and watched them. The cameraman who played the woman, he would hold a camera and he had this glove on one arm. I think he probably got an Emmy for doing that. I enjoyed it because it wasn't meant to be funny, but I thought it was. It was just something I watched as a kid. I was probably staying up too late.

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