My Favorite 'Saturday Night Live' Sketch

Will Ferrell, Al Franken, Kate McKinnon and more on the most memorable 'SNL' skits ever

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"Bobbi and Marty Culp" and "Riding My Donkey"

Ana Gasteyer, cast member, 1996-2002: Every "Bobbi and Marty" was fun. Paula Pell, who's a genius, wrote them with me and Will Ferrell, and we would laugh so hard at their passive-aggressive marriage and hostility. People always focus on the medleys, and the medleys were fun, but the much more fun part was the character stuff. If it was a Bobbi and Marty week, it tended to be a great week for me.

I also remember a sketch during the Monica Lewinsky scandal called "Riding My Donkey" that Andrew Steele wrote. It was so astute in that way that SNL often is. It was a political talk show featuring all these talking-head pundits discussing the Lewinsky scandal, but they were sitting on donkeys. It just had this completely hyperludicrous point of view. And then the donkeys lost their shit. At dress rehearsal, they started lunging forward, but they were tethered, like a kid's pony ride. It was the only time on the show that I consciously broke. I was a commentator from CNN, and the only handle I had on the impression was that she had a perennial smile. So I kept breaking and then trying to recover. When Will's breaking, he can keep talking through it, but he just weeps – like, tears stream down his face while he's talking. Anyway, that was the most unhinged euphoria I think I've ever felt performing.

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