20 Best TV Shows of 2016

From Samantha Bee and John Oliver raging against the machine to the greatest hip-hip sitcom ever, the year's small-screen winners

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18. 'You're the Worst' (FX)

The realest couple on TV gets realer. Gretchen and Jimmy would rather just have sex and do drugs than face their feelings, but You're the Worst gets funnier as the feelings grow more complex. Jimmy is a mortifyingly credible portrait of a terrible writer, delusional in his hope the world will acclaim his World War II novel. ("Just so many descriptions of semen on stockings." "But stockings are a symbol of the deprivation of the Second World War! As well as how much repressed Kitty’s slutty little legs wanted semen on them!") And Gretchen gets treatment for her "my brain is broken" situation, learning the different types of therapy: "A psychiatrist is like, 'Here, take these pills, ho.' A therapist is all, 'Oh, tell me your shit. I couldn’t make it as an actor.'"

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