20 Best TV Shows of 2016

From Samantha Bee and John Oliver raging against the machine to the greatest hip-hip sitcom ever, the year's small-screen winners

20. 'High Maintenance' (HBO)

Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfield's beloved web comedy translates smashingly to TV, giving us the ultimate dank New York story: the inner lives of city stoners, as witnessed by the bearded stranger who delivers their weed, known only as The Guy. He's like the nameless Clint Eastwood gunfighter in a spaghetti Western, except he gets mugged on his bike. The show takes a beautifully blunted look at the countless weird stories being lived out behind their locked, hotboxed doors. But none more fascinating than the tale of Gatsby the dog, who gets a whole episode ("Grandpa") from his canine point of view – one of 2016's most dazzling half-hour trips.