20 Best TV Shows of 2016

From Samantha Bee and John Oliver raging against the machine to the greatest hip-hip sitcom ever, the year's small-screen winners

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15. 'BoJack Horseman' (Netflix)

This was the season our equine hero attempted a self-diagnosis: "I think I'm just a dumb asshole – can't it just be that?" Sorry, BoJack, it's a bit more complicated when you're a depressive alcoholic cartoon horse who's also the washed-up ex-star of the sitcom Horsin' Around. Raphael Bob-Waksberg's animated satire went some new dark places this year – most impressively, under the sea in "Fish Out of Water," a nearly dialogue-free Lost in Translation parody that's also the show's most astonishing half-hour yet. BoJack dons a diving helmet and heads for the bottom of the ocean, a place where everybody speaks fish language and nothing resembles back home ... only to find he's still the same dumb asshole.

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