20 Best TV Shows of 2016

From Samantha Bee and John Oliver raging against the machine to the greatest hip-hip sitcom ever, the year's small-screen winners

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1. 'Atlanta' (FX)

A comedy hero for our times: Donald Glover shines as Earnest "Earn" Marks, a Princeton drop-out back in his hometown, trying to start his life over as a hip-hop manager. Glover's brainchild Atlanta stands as the most ambitious, outrageous, surreal and riotous thing to hit TV all year. Earn runs wild with his rapper cousin Paper Boi as well as stoner philosopher king Darius, who’s always up for a baked debate about whether Malcolm X is secretly still alive ("Nobody's seen the body since the funeral") or why black people don’t know who Steve McQueen is. (Darius does, but as he explains, "Yeah well, I'm Nigerian.") Atlanta digs into sex, money, race and fatherhood with truly fearless flair. As a big Community fan who’s been memorizing Glover's facial tics since Troy met Abed, I thought I already had a clear idea what a genius this guy is. I didn't. Here's to Season Two – Atlanta can't rise again fast enough.

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