12 Best TV Shows of 2017 So Far

From the Young Pope to the Black Lodge – the cream of the TV crop that's already made 2017 a banner year for the small screen

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'Twin Peaks' (Showtime)

The weirdest Twin Peaks twist ever – after all these years, David Lynch puts the old band back together for a reunion that does a lot more than live up to the original. He populates this hallucinatory small town with faces both fresh and familiar – Kyle McLachlan and Laura Dern, Sherilyn Fenn and Naomi Watts, Harry Dean Stanton and Amanda Seyfried (even a few actors who've died since filming their scenes: R.I.P, Log Lady), along with some of the moral heft of Mulholland Drive. When Audrey Horne's sleazebag uncle Jerry gets asked the question at the heart of the whole series – "Who is Laura Palmer?" – he sighs, "Oh, that, my dear, is a very long story." But it's a story that kept growing long after Lynch thought he was finished telling it. So a TV experiment that got wrapped in plastic in 1991 after just two seasons – unwatched, unnoticed, unmourned – lives again, just because it touched an audience passionate enough to goad the auteur into responding. Nothing like Twin Peaks: The Return has ever happened before.

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