12 Best TV Shows of 2017 So Far

From the Young Pope to the Black Lodge – the cream of the TV crop that's already made 2017 a banner year for the small screen

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'Master of None' (Netflix)

Aziz Ansari goes deep on food, family, romance and trying to jumpstart your acting career by hosting a TV baking competition called Clash of the Cupcakes. He's Dev, a neurotic gourmet searching for tapas and true love in the big city. He's consumed by romantic cravings he hasn't begun to sort out rationally, so the long-running subplot about his crush on an Italian pasta-phile never clicks. (Dev barely knows this woman, and neither do we.) But he'll always have tapas. He really hits home with his amazing episode about religion, as our hero tries to break it to his Muslim Indian parents that he eats pork. Even better, the Thanksgiving episode tells the poignant tale of his lesbian BFF Denise, unfolding over years of holiday dinners. Lena Waithe as his friend and Angela Bassett as her mom are just perfect, with Ansari excelling as a support player.

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