Readers' Poll: The Best Comedy Shows of the 1990s

Decade that included 'The Simpsons,' 'Friends' and 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' has one series that's impossible to beat

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1. 'Seinfeld'

Could any other show have possibly topped this list? Seinfeld is the defining show of the entire decade. The sitcom format had grown quite stale and creaky when it came around, and Seinfeld breathed much-needed life back into it. The characters never learned a life lesson. They never grew. They never really cared about anything but themselves, even shrugging their shoulders when George's fiancée died. For nine nearly perfect seasons, they inhabited a universe that viewers wanted to revisit time and time again. Jerry Seinfeld was offered a huge fortune to do a tenth season, but he wisely declined. Shows diminish their legacy when they stick around too long. He knew just when it was time to bow out, and he hasn't gone near another sitcom in years since. What would be the point? 

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