Readers' Poll: The Best Comedy Shows of the 1990s

Decade that included 'The Simpsons,' 'Friends' and 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' has one series that's impossible to beat

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5. 'NewsRadio'

Phil Hartman and Dave Foley were both unbelievably brilliant as cast members on Saturday Night Live and Kids In The Hall, respectively, and in 1995 they teamed up for the NBC workplace comedy NewsRadio. The show – which also featured Andy Dick, Joe Rogan and Maura Tierney – took place at an AM radio station in New York City. It was going strong until Phil Hartman's sudden death after the fourth season. He was replaced by Jon Lovitz, but it didn't quite work out, and the show quickly folded. The whole thing was painful for Lovitz, and he doesn't even want to talk about it these days, saying in 2010 when asked: "Ah, I don’t want to talk about that."

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