Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Late-Night TV Hosts of All Time

See who managed to top David Letterman, Jon Stewart and Jimmy Fallon

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8. Chevy Chase

Once again, it seems like some people weren't taking this poll very seriously. We doubt that even Chevy Chase himself would defend his five-week stint as the host of Fox's The Chevy Chase Show. It's arguably one of the biggest fiascos in the history of television, right alongside AfterMASH and Cop Rock. That said, Chevy Chase is a very talented man. National Lampoon's Vacation, Spies Like Us and Fletch are some of the funniest movies of the 1980s, and he practically invented the fake news game with Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live. But he simply wasn't suited for the job of a late night host. Ratings were anemic, and the show was cancelled after a little over a month. 

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