Public Meltdowns and Profane Dames: 20 Off-the-Hook Emmy Moments

The unforgettable highs, lows and straight-up WTF occurrences that have happened on the TV awards show's broadcasts

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Kirstie Alley Thanks Husband's Private Parts (1991)
Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage8/20

Kirstie Alley Thanks Husband's Private Parts (1991)

The outspoken actress has never been known for her subtlety, but the Cheers star took things to a whole new level when she ended her acceptance speech for best actress in a comedy by thanking then-husband Parker Stevenson for being "the man who has given me the big one for the last eight years." (Check out the clip here.) Flustered follow-up presenter Jerry Seinfeld dryly quipped: "The big one? That could be anything!'' And with that, the euphemism became the running joke of the night, with fellow winner Burt Reynolds thanking his then-wife Loni Anderson for giving him "two big ones." Classy.

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