Public Meltdowns and Profane Dames: 20 Off-the-Hook Emmy Moments

The unforgettable highs, lows and straight-up WTF occurrences that have happened on the TV awards show's broadcasts

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Ellen DeGeneres Hosts Post-9/11 Show (2001)

DeGeneres had the unenviable task of emceeing the ceremony that was unprecedentedly postponed twice after the September 11th terrorist attacks: "They can't take away our creativity, our striving for excellence, our joy … only network executives can do that," she declared in the opening monologue. Originally scheduled for Sept. 16, the show eventually aired on November 4th at a smaller venue than usual. But instead of being a somber event, DeGeneres rose to the occasion and helped deliver a night that proved the show must always go on — and that not everyone can work a swan dress the way Björk did at the Oscars.

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