Public Meltdowns and Profane Dames: 20 Off-the-Hook Emmy Moments

The unforgettable highs, lows and straight-up WTF occurrences that have happened on the TV awards show's broadcasts

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Charlie Sheen Apologizes (2011)

Six months after getting fired from Two and a Half Men for his outrageous public antics, the self-proclaimed warlock presented the award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy, a category he had previously been nominated in (but never won) for the popular TV series. After months of spinning out and mouthing off, Sheen surprised everyone when he graciously wished his former co-stars "nothing but the best" before handing the trophy to The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons. The following year, Men star Jon Cryer dominated the category for the time (after previously receiving a supporting actor award). Winning, indeed.

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