Public Meltdowns and Profane Dames: 20 Off-the-Hook Emmy Moments

The unforgettable highs, lows and straight-up WTF occurrences that have happened on the TV awards show's broadcasts

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Alan Alda Cartwheels Down The Aisle (1979)

Although he had previously won twice for acting in and directing M*A*S*H, Alda was so happy to be recognized for his writing skills on the hit TV show that he did a cartwheel on the way to the podium, admitting he was "exuberant"over the win. He took home two more Emmys over the years (another for acting on M*A*S*H and one for his supporting turn on The West Wing), and stands as the only person ever to win trophies for acting, writing and directing for the same series. Score: A perfect 10. 

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