'Orange Is the New Black' Roll Call: Know Your Inmates

From Piper to Poussey, a scorecard on the MVP convicts of Netflix's hit show

Leanne Taylor (Emma Myles)

Leanne Taylor (Emma Myles)

Backstory: The mousey, seemingly shy inmate hangs out with Pennsatucky and her crew, works in the laundry room, and occasionally gets drugs from Pornstache in exchange for sexual favors. We don't know why she's locked up thus far; fingers crossed we find out this season.
Place in Litchfield's hierarchy: Thanks to her relationship with Pennsatucky, Leanne isn't exactly well-liked within the prison. But when Tucky becomes too big for her britches after getting new teeth, she's there to call the holy roller out on her bullshit.
Pre-OITNB: Myles' resume was also rather short before Orange: Her most notable roles were cameos in Law & Order: SVU and How to Make It in America.
Best line: "You're not the Wizard of Oz — you're the Wizard of God!"

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