'Nashville': 12 Best Music Moments From TV Series

As the ABC musical drama comes to a close, revisit songs that will live well beyond the small screen

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Hayden Panettiere as Juliette Barnes: "Undermine"

We forgive Nashville's writers for the icky Deacon-Juliette fling in Season One, only because "Undermine" came out of it. Juliette Barnes was established as the show's egotistical, sexed-up villain within minutes of its pilot episode, but it was with her performance of this tune in Episode Three that we see her as a talented (without Auto-Tune) singer capable of expressing vulnerability. "It's all talk, talk, talk, talkin' in the wind / It only slows you down if you start listenin'," Juliette sings in the poignant tune she co-wrote with Deacon in the back of a pickup truck. Real-life writers Kacey Musgraves and Trent Dabbs didn't originally craft "Undermine" for Nashville, but it seems tailor-made.

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