'Nashville': 12 Best Music Moments From TV Series

As the ABC musical drama comes to a close, revisit songs that will live well beyond the small screen

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Connie Britton and Charles Esten as Rayna and Deacon: "No One Will Ever Love You"

If one song encapsulates the theme of ABC's Nashville, it's this Steve McEwan and John Paul White-penned tune sung by country icon Rayna Jaymes and her volatile boyfriend-turned-sensitive soulmate, Deacon Claybourne. Title alone, "No One Will Ever Love You" sounds like it might be a yearning breakup ballad, but what this song really exudes is confidence. Just as the lyrics convey, the song's duet partners have had death-defying (literally) ups and downs but know without a doubt they are meant for one another —and Nashville's writers knew they had to appease their audience with a Rayna-Deacon wedding in the final season.

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