'Nashville': 12 Best Music Moments From TV Series

As the ABC musical drama comes to a close, revisit songs that will live well beyond the small screen

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Chris Carmack as Will Lexington: "Is That Who I Am"

God bless the Nashville producers for dragging Will Lexington out of the closet. When Chris Carmack's character was suppressing his sexuality, he performed (at least publicly) as a hat act with a loud band and cliché-laden barn-burners. It wasn't until Season Three that he hit his musical stride — when he lost the hat and teamed with out-and-proud songwriter Kevin Bicks for more authentic tunes like the soaring "Broken Song" (which certainly deserves an honorable mention on this list). But the most poignant Will Lexington musical moment came one season earlier with the foreshadowing "Is That Who I Am," performed with just an acoustic guitar behind the closed doors of his bedroom. "Am I just a lost soul, blowing in the wind / Or a coward, scared to look within? / Do I have a brave heart with a light so dim / Is that who I am?" Carmack sings with breathtaking vocals, proving all he needs are three chords and the truth.

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