'Nashville': 12 Best Music Moments From TV Series

As the ABC musical drama comes to a close, revisit songs that will live well beyond the small screen

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Charles Esten and Lennon Stella as Deacon and Maddie: "Believing"

"Believing" certainly makes it believable that Deacon Claybourne and Maddie Conrad are family. Season Two brought with it the revelation that Maddie's biological father was not Teddy Conrad, as she'd been told all her 16 years of life, but rather her mom's old — but still smoldering — flame, Deacon. After finding this out, the father and daughter bond over guitar lessons and pen this ethereal love song together (which was, in actuality, written by Tami Hinesh, Emily Shackelton and Kate York), with their voices blending together in kindred harmony. It's one of the sweetest family moments on any season of Nashville and foreshadows Maddie's parents' eventual happy ending.