My Favorite 'Mr. Show' Sketches: Maynard Keenan, Sarah Silverman Sound Off

Fans, comedians and cast members weigh in on their favorite bits In honor of the cult sketch show's 20th anniversary

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Rob Klein

Head Writer, Saturday Night Live
I first saw it in high school, when I would stay up late on Friday just to watch it. I can still pretty much recite all the promos from memory, that's how obsessed with it I was. Eventually I went on eBay and bought every episode on bootleg VHS, and then did the same thing for The Ben Stiller Show when I heard that was where Bob and David met.

The moment where Ronnie starts singing in "Fuzz: The Musical" — it's the hardest I have ever laughed in my life. I remember watching it with a friend who also became a comedy writer, and we rewound that moment about 50 times. I also love "Larry Kleist: Rapist" and "The New KKK"; the way they try to put an upbeat spin on such irredeemable people is something I try to emulate all the time.

For a long time I tried to write sketches like "The Pretaped Call-In Show" and "The Audition," which are basically perfect, and I really never got in the ballpark. Mr. Show made me want to be funny, but I had to figure out another way to get there besides copying Mr. Show. It's just an impossible bar to set for yourself. It hurts my brain, it's so good.

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