My Favorite 'Mr. Show' Sketches: Maynard Keenan, Sarah Silverman Sound Off

Fans, comedians and cast members weigh in on their favorite bits In honor of the cult sketch show's 20th anniversary

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Jordan Klepper

Comedian, The Daily Show Correspondent
If you look at something like "The Audition," which is probably my favorite sketch of theirs, it's incredibly precise with just a touch of anarchy to it — it's also dumb in the most beautiful of ways, which is true of all of my favorite sketches of theirs. You can tell that they took their time with it, and yet they're sort of giving the middle finger to the notion of a traditional sketch at the same time. I love that about it.

There's this other one where the two of them are these dudes who bump into each other at a bar, and their testosterone forces them to spend the rest of their lives with each other. But the best part is that it ends with Odenkirk at Cross's death bed, they're still talking trash, and suddenly, Odenkirk realizes that he’s wasted his life being a bro. [Laughs] It's a classic. That odd melancholic ending is just the perfect punchline to it.

I came to Mr. Show late, long after it had come out on DVD and all my comedy friends had forced me to watch it. But once I discovered it, I just felt like: Yes. This is it. The way they synthesized a lot of sketch comedy that came before them, as well as adding this almost punk rock feel to it, was what really got me. And suddenly, I could see where all this absurdist irreverence that had been sort of bubbling up in the comedy world had come from.

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