Must-See Fall TV: From Slasher Spoofs to 'Evil Dead'

Superheroes, sitcoms, Wesley Snipes in Vegas — everything you need to know about the TV season's best

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'The Grinder'

'The Grinder'

Tues., 8:30 p.m., Fox
Sometimes even Rob Lowe must face an existential crisis. In The Grinder, he plays the egomaniac pretty-boy star of a hit TV procedural about a slick lawyer, barking his catchphrases: "The Grinder never settles!" (As Lowe explains, "Season Four, Episode Nine, 'Settle to the Metal.' ") But after his show gets axed, he drifts back to his family in Idaho, sighing, "Right now, I'm just driving on the highway of What the Hell Is My Life, looking for an off-ramp." He finds it by invading the small-town law practice of his awkward little bro Fred Savage, and turning his mastery of TV-courtroom clichés ("I'll allow it" jokes galore!) into the pursuit of justice. Lowe has a blast as the same smarmy asshole he's played so brilliantly from Wayne's World to Parks and Rec. And watching Lowe torment Savage is the kind of stunt casting that pays off.

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