Must-See Fall TV: From Slasher Spoofs to 'Evil Dead'

Superheroes, sitcoms, Wesley Snipes in Vegas — everything you need to know about the TV season's best

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'Moonbeam City'
Virginia Sherwood/NBC4/9

'Moonbeam City'

Wed., 10:30 p.m., Comedy Central
Dazzle Novak is the ultimate Eighties supercop in this fantastic animated romp, set in a neon-and-pastel Hair Decade where everything looks like a Duran Duran album cover. It's Miami Vice times Archer with a side of Scarface. And the voice of Dazzle: Rob Lowe, proving that last year's McConaugh-ssaince has nothing on this year's Lowe-splosion. When he isn't busting perps at a shopping-mall arcade or making yayo-fueled love to exotic wind-chime artists, Dazzle torments his foxy supervisor Pizazz, a.k.a. Elizabeth Banks, who threatens to bust him so fast it'll make his head spin. Dazzle's riposte: "My head doesn't know the meaning of the word spin."

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