Must-See Fall TV: From Slasher Spoofs to 'Evil Dead'

Superheroes, sitcoms, Wesley Snipes in Vegas — everything you need to know about the TV season's best

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'Minority Report'

'Minority Report'

Mon., 9 p.m., Fox
Welcome to the future, circa 2065: Teenagers have selfie drones, karaoke is still happening and genetic engineering has turned french fries into health food. And the precognitives who used to see crimes before they happen — they've been erased from the public record. But that doesn't stop them from seeing things. Minority Report picks up where the movie left off — 10 years later, the PreCrime Unit has been abolished. Three sibling precogs have been hidden away from the rest of society, but while the sister disapproves, one brother can't resist sneaking back in, lurking around Washington, D.C., with a notebook of drawings of the murders he sees in the future. He finds a policewoman, Meagan Good, and together they form an unlikely crime-fighting team. Tom Cruise doesn't show up — but Wilmer Valderrama surprisingly fits right in as one of the cops. Welcome back to prime time, Fez.

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