MTV Movie Award 2015's 10 Best and Worst Moments

From Schumer's self-pleasure shout-outs to dueling De Niros, here are the highlights and lowlights of last night's show

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Best: All the Awesome Nods to Female Sexuality
Gabriel Olsen/Getty6/10

Best: All the Awesome Nods to Female Sexuality

It didn't look like it could get any more ribald than Amy Schumer saying that at least two of her fingers disappear every time she watches Magic Mike — but it did. It really did. The host later referred to herself as a "celebrity leak" (think about it) before devoting an entire skit to friends bumping into each other at the movie theater — where they have come to masturbate, aided by washing machines and gourds from Trader Joe's. Elsewhere, J. Lo coaxed a little twerk from the always-game Channing Tatum. Is it possible that an entire awards show passed without a single woman being degraded? For once, the tables were turned for a whole evening.

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