Jumping the Shark: 10 Great TV Shows That Took a Turn for the Worse

From 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' to 'True Blood,' these were the moments when our favorite series started to take a nosedive

'True Blood'

Welcome to Faerie-Land (Season 3, Episode 7)
"I'm a faerie? How fucking lame!" Indeed, Sookie Stackhouse, indeed. True Blood was already starting to get away from itself — too many characters, not a firm enough grasp on any of them — when it revealed that the source of Sookie's occasional flashes of psychic power, not to mention her irresistible vampire magnetism, was...faerie blood. Is this any more ridiculous than werepanthers, or the idea that a Republican-controlled House of Representatives would pass vampire equality legislation? Not necessarily. But the corny, silly faerie world, costumes, and special effects made the series look unwittingly cheap and stupid rather than knowingly trashy. For a show trying to walk the fine line between camp and crap, that kind of failure is the true death. STC

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