Jumping the Shark: 10 Great TV Shows That Took a Turn for the Worse

From 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' to 'True Blood,' these were the moments when our favorite series started to take a nosedive

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'The Office'

Jim and Pam tie the knot (Season 6, Episode 4)
In its heyday, Greg Daniels's mockumentary sitcom was one of the best comedies on television, balancing cringe comedy and sweet-natured character studies. But that perfect blend began to sour around the same time as those crazy kids Jim and Pam finally got hitched; they consequently morphed into being annoying jerks, and we lost our audience surrogates into this world of socially delayed salesmen and bumbling accountants. The stakes became so low that the show had to start jumping through hoops, and the cringe humor became just plain cringeworthy. By the time the show's boss Michael Scott (and Steve Carell) departed for greener pastures, The Office was already a shell of its former self. JS

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