Garry Shandling: 10 Best TV Moments

From his first 'Tonight Show' appearance to talking about his funeral with Jerry Seinfeld

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'Garry Shandling: Stand-Up' (1991)

Between his two television shows, Shandling returned to standup comedy and recorded a set for HBO with the descriptive title Garry Shandling: Stand-Up. In his signature fashion, he kicked things off with a stinging meta-jab for viewers at home – "Thank you for not being too cheap to say, 'Hey, we'll watch it when it comes out on HBO" – and, of course, jokes about his love-making ability and his hair. The material spanned the timely (jokes about LAPD brutality, Bob Dylan's strange appearance at the 1991 Grammys) and timeless (relationships, commitment issues, penises). Toward the end, an audience member asks if he'd do another series after It's Garry Shandling's Show. The audience cheered and the comic compared it to college. "The show was four years long, just like college and it prepared me for absolutely nothing, just like college," he said. "I went to the unemployment office, they said, 'What are you looking for?' I said, 'Something about a half-hour a week.'" KG

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