Garry Shandling: 10 Best TV Moments

From his first 'Tonight Show' appearance to talking about his funeral with Jerry Seinfeld

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'Garry Shandling: Alone in Vegas' (1984)

Seen today, Shandling's first stand-up special feels less like an extension of his Tonight Show appearances than a dry run for the meta-sitcom who'd do for Showtime the next year. Yes, he does close to an hour of his hilarious observational comedy for a Sin City audience (a favorite throwaway bit: "You guys ever shoplift salamis when you were kids? You go into a grocery store, put one in your pants and walk out. Because no one is going to stop you and go, 'Hey, is that a salami in your pants?'"). But for the first 15 minutes, the comic treats the audience like a close companion, commiserating on his sad-sack romantic state and conducting a travelogue around the casinos. He could have called It's Garry Shandling's Comedy Special. DF

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