From Soup Nazis to Nuts: 100 Best 'Seinfeld' Characters

Close talkers, braless wonders, library cops and bad tennis pros: we rank the most memorable members of the 'Seinfeld' universe

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Sue Ellen Mischke

16. Sue Ellen Mischke

Best-known episode: "The Caddy"
For four episodes, veteran TV actress Brenda Strong portrayed Sue Ellen Mischke, the heiress of the Oh Henry! candy bar fortune, the "bra-less wonder," defendant in an O.J. Simpson-esque trial and, most importantly, Elaine Benes' archenemy. Elaine frequently engaged in Sisyphean attempts to outfox her childhood adversary, who enjoyed a life of "high society" and Kennedy heirloom auctions while Benes was stuck chilling in Apt. 5A every day. Strong is a two-time Emmy nominee thanks to her time on Desperate Housewives, but it's her turn as Mischke that still has men rolling down their car windows to yell "Sue Ellen" at her as she walks down the street. DANIEL KREPS

Brenda Strong on Her Seinfeld Role

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