From Soup Nazis to Nuts: 100 Best 'Seinfeld' Characters

Close talkers, braless wonders, library cops and bad tennis pros: we rank the most memorable members of the 'Seinfeld' universe

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Sid Fields
Alice S. Hall/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images63/100

63. Sid Fields

Best-known episode: "The Old Man"
Among all Seinfeld's feisty old coots, Sid Fields stands out as one of the feistiest. Jerry meets him as a charitable senior-citizen volunteer, but 87-year-old Sid just spews insults at Jerry, bites Kramer and rails against the Senegalese housekeeper. ("She plays that freaking voodoo music, tries to hypnotize me!") Veteran actor Bill Erwin had screen credits dating back to I Love Lucy; he kept working up until he died in 2010 at the age of 96. ROB SHEFFIELD

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