From Soup Nazis to Nuts: 100 Best 'Seinfeld' Characters

Close talkers, braless wonders, library cops and bad tennis pros: we rank the most memorable members of the 'Seinfeld' universe

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Mr. Lippman

81. Mr. Lippman

Best-known episode: "The Muffin Tops"
One of the few Seinfeld supporting characters to be played by two actors — Richard Fancy took over for Harris Shore — the boss of Pendant Publishing gradually discovered what we all knew: Elaine is a terrible employee. Mr. Lippman endlessly suffered as she blithely added exclamation marks to manuscripts and dumbly insisted that War and Peace was originally titled War, What Is It Good For? That didn't stop him from falling in love with Elaine, though — or going into a muffin-top business with her. TIM GRIERSON

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