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Fall TV Preview 2017: Marvel Antiheroes, Serial Killers and 'Stranger Things'

From 'The Punisher' to the return of 'Curb,' mutant superheroes to a brand new 'Star Trek' series – here's what you'll be watching this season

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'The Walking Dead' Season 8 (Oct.22)

When we last saw Rick Grimes, the dreadlocked regent King Ezekiel, Darryl the Sexy Crossbow-Wielding Biker and the rest of gang, they were forming a coalition of the willing to take on the bat-man Negan's army and end his tyranny once and for all. Readers of Robert Kirkman's comics know this storyline arc as "All-Out War" – and showrunner Scott M. Gimple has suggested that, as in the books, shit is about to get very gnarly. This zombieapalooza juggernaut will remain the most popular show on cable not to feature dragons even if it screws the pooch, but the fact that it's finally getting around to a proper battle royale suggests that it'll have a sense of focus that was largely AWOL last season. DF

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