Fall TV Preview 2017: Marvel Antiheroes, Serial Killers and 'Stranger Things'

From 'The Punisher' to the return of 'Curb,' mutant superheroes to a brand new 'Star Trek' series – here's what you'll be watching this season

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'Stranger Things' Season 2 (Oct. 27)

When there's something strange in your neighborhood – like, for example, a whole alternative world filled with tentacled monsters and something Cthulhu-like threatening to destroy humanity – who ya gonna call? The sophomore season of Netflix's breakout hit promises a hell of a lot more Eighties nostalgia, from Ghostbusters to video games to "Thriller" to even more Stephen King and Spielberg homages. The Duffer brothers have hinted they have a few big surprises up their sleeves; we just hope that Winona Ryder keeps looking worried, Eleven keeps scarfing Eggos and Barb finally gets her time in the spotlight. Regardless, we'll be binging the whole thing over one long, Bartles & Jaymes–fueled weekend. DF

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